Google adds IMAP Support to Gmail.

If you don’t know what IMAP is you really need to know more about it. Most of us started out using either hotmail or yahoo for our email services.

These services work fine for a general email account but when it comes to a more feature packed email for your business you need to really consider moving to an email system that is a little more robust.

Today Windows comes bundled with outlook express or you can upgrade to Outlook. Apple includes their program simply called “Mail.” Mozilla produces the program Thunderbird which is also a very good email program.

In order to use these more full featured programs you need a service that has Post Office Protocol “POP” access.

With POP access you can now route and configure rules for your email that allows you to stay on focus with what should be your primary focus building your business.

The one challenge with POP email is keeping 2 computer email systems synchronized. For this there are several programs for Outlook that allow you to keep them synched.

IMAP on the other hand keeps your emails stored on a server, your computer email logs into your email server database to read and send emails.

This feature really helps you to keep your email systems organized. If you have a gmail account you can log into your account go into the the settings area and you should see a section Forwarding and POP/IMAP.

From there you can setup your account for IMAP access, be sure to check and see if your email system is supported and what configuration settings you will need to setup for your email program.

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