How Much Income Do You Want From A Home Based Business?

The other day I was thinking about what people are looking to earn in their home based businesses.

Many times I think every person in network marketing wants to earn as much as I want to earn in my business – big mistake.

Let’s look at some of the components that help shape the parameters for setting a financial goal.

1. Geographic Location

2. Life Style

3. Time to work the business

4. Current Financial Situation

5. Single – Married – Family

Example # 1 – Mary lives in Alabama where the cost of living is low in comparison to many other states.

Mary is a stay-at-home mom with small children. Mary would like to earn extra monthly income working 10 hours a week.

Example # 2 – Bill is single and attends college. Bill would like to build a network marketing business that will be able to support him full-time when he graduates from college.

Bills financial goals will grow with each year he is in business; however the time he will be able to put into his business will fluctuate according to his class load and schedule.

Example # 3 – Gary and Susan are married with two preteen children. He and his wife work full-time and they want to start a network marketing business that will provide the money for their children’s college educations.

Each of the preceding examples will have different income goals based on their primary objective.

When prospecting for new recruits. It is so important I ask questions that will allow me to uncover the reason or reasons why my prospect is in network marketing.

Why they want to build a network marketing business. Once I find out what they want to earn and the reason behind their financial objectives.

it is than I am able to determine if I have an opportunity that can help them achieve their financial goal.

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  • Sayed Shah Reza Feb 8, 2008 @ 22:31

    thanks for all your effortes for human. i also want to be one of yoru member in Afghanistan. so i need to learn Network Marketing by vidio publishing. now i do not know that how i can get membership and how i can strat working.

    thanks for all

    Best wishes.

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