Ineffective Blog Marketing

Back in February 2008 I wrote a post about Ineffective Email Marketing and what inexperienced people where actually out their doing trying to find success.

As we know bulk emails don’t work, most if not all get filtered out by the many systems available to not only the internet service providers, web hosting platforms and the end users own desktop filtering system.

Yet these spammers still try to find ways around this. The latest craze seems to be blog spamming, at least that’s what I’m seeing almost everyday and generally from the same type of wanna be marketers.

In many cases they do succeed in getting their comment spam posted as a trackback mainly.

This is the result of so many new bloggers not understanding how to setup their blog site effectively.

The largest offenders in this type of spam marketers hitting this site are from The Spider Web Marketing Sytem group.

Now I know that is not what they are teaching their people to do!

What it really indicates is that people will do anything they can, however unethical it is to make a profit!

When they could become a student of marketing and really learn how to create their own success.

If your setting up your blog properly there are tools that will catch this blog spam.

And yes 100 percent of the blog spam come from those with trackbacks to the spider web marketing system is caught before it will ever be published!

If  your using WordPress ensure that you’ve enabled your Akismet plugin, setup your blog so that each post has to be reviewed before it goes live.

We all know this is a royal pain but what can we do? As long as their are unethical people in this world who continue to think that spamming is the right thing to do, we’ll have to keep taking the time to stop them in their tracks.

Or maybe better still is we track down their information and post it as blog spam offenders 🙂

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