Is Internet Marketing All That Effective?

Based on a study done by AOL during the summer of 2007, which I’ve seen some information that was leaked from this.

They concluded that Ninety-Nine percent of Web Users do not click on ads on a monthly basis!

They also went on to state that of the one percent that do mostly only click once per month.

So what does this mean to us as network marketers? I’m sure you’ve probably already come to a conclusion.

Effectively if we rely totally on internet based sales we are missing a huge percentage of our market!

This is something that Leadersclub taught me years ago multiple marketing methods both online and offline.

Effective marketing involves being able to read our prospective customer whether that be friends | family or a complete stranger.

Which is where so many network marketers fail! They never learn this important skill in identifying whether aunt May is a potential customer for our latest nutritional product or not.

I’ve spoken with many individuals that have had tremendous success using only warm market and just has many that have failed with the warm market.

Sometimes it is the product or service that we are selling that just does not have the same appeal to them as it does to us. But a skillful marketer should be able to identify this very quickly!

While pay per click advertising will never go away it’s important to learn just what your up against and that there is more then one way to market your products and services.


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