Landing Page Load Times Will Soon Cost You More!

In another shocking blow from Google, your landing page quality Score will also be factored by the load time.

This has far reaching effects for many of us in Network Marketing, depending on where we host our web sites.

One of the things I’ve noticed for quite sometime now was how even reaching Google on the weekend, or any website that was based in California would slow to a crawl.

Yet going in the opposite direction the connections where quick and fast. It will be interesting to see how they implement this.

If you’re primarily advertising in the U.S. then it might be in your best interest to ensure that your web hosting is also based here. Especially if you’re doing any type of advertising.

They did state that it would be after a review period of one month; this should hopefully eliminate the network traffic congestion that often occurs.

On the other hand, awhile back there was talk of the internet service providers throttling the out puts of major internet traffic users like Google, Yahoo and Live.

So what can you do to ensure that your pages are loading quickly?

Optimize all of your graphics for the web, reduce them to the minimum size that still gets the message across.

Write your ad copy to get your message across in the most use of your word count. While text loads generally very quickly, if you have a page 80+k in size someone on dial up could be waiting for a little while for your page to load.

I use DreamWeaver, one of the features I like is the graphics place holder. This allows text to load very quickly, and then the images fill in.

My guess is Google will time everything including the graphics download. So unless you really need the graphics, you may want to get rid of them.

With this follow the changes Google announced last month See my post it indicates that they clearly are cleaning house and making their customers “The Visitor” their number one priority.

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