A Leadersclub Membership Just Got Better!

Leaders Club for over 15 years is one of the most trusted resources out there for network marketing training, Leads, and now web hosting.

Many network marketers have utilized the training resources at Leaders Club to further their business.

With the addition of web hosting you now have as close to a perfect solution you can get. In 2003 when I came to Leaders Club looking for leads I found it surprising that they where, not only supplying leads but also teaching you how to generate your own leads.

Yet, unlike most of today’s become the hunted instead of the hunter training mentality Leaders Club recognized since the early beginning that generating leads is not the problem, anyone can do that!

I can truly attest to that fact, it is easy, yet it still requires skills to convert them into paying customers or new team members.

The web hosting, requires only a small setup fee, your own domain name, then the hosting of the site itself is Free for as long as you have a subscription. I’ve already started mine at Perfect-Business-CD.com.

The web hosting is built upon the .NET 2.0 content management system. In many ways it reminds me of Drupal, giving you the ability to had pages, blog posts, a forum and do it very quickly. It allows virtually anyone that has a desire to get on the internet a very simple solution.

This added benefit from Leaders Club, just makes their program more valuable. Lets face it anyone can put up a web site about network marketing millions have, yet very few of them actually achieve any measurable level of success.

There is a reason for that as well, it’s called Tacit Knowledge. Something you just cannot get from watching a video, reading a book, etc…

It requires a much deeper understanding of the subject. Just another reason so many fail with leads of any kind, if we don’t know what where doing then what kind of results should we expect to get?

People often ask, how do I go about writing for Network Marketing Works, since the site is one of the largest on the internet and written entirely by me.

A large part of the credit has to go to Leaders Club, it is through the training, the feedback with live coaching calls, that provides the insight into creating content from just about anything.

And I don’t have to force it or fake it like so many others do. If you are looking to make a difference in your business this year, something that will work anywhere, anyplace then I’d recommend you compare what Leaders Club has to offer it’s members.

You will not be spoon fed there, after all Leaders Club does not consider you a baby. The will provide you with sound marketing principles that work anywhere.

For more timely network marketing tips watch the video’s on the site here at Network-Marketing-Works.com


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