Leadersclub Releases 7 Deadly Sins of Prospecting

Leadersclub last week released another product in it’s powerful audio training series to the general network marketing public.

Once only available to members of this exclusive club! This audio follows on the heels of their course “How To Turn Cold Leads Into Hot Prospects.

Only proven, market tested information makes it through Leadersclub and into your hands.

Unlike so many other products out there that have you do all the market testing with your budget!

“The 7 Deadly Sins of Prospecting” was first released in October of 2003 and updated in August of 2007.

Today we still find network marketers committing these prospecting errors, resulting in poor results even when they are generating their own leads.

I often see challenges from individuals, in they are not generating enough of leads.

The course helps you to understand where you’re going wrong and what can be done about it.

What you might have been taught might just actually be killing any chance of success with your business.

When we finally reach someone that shows any kind of interest in our business, there is a rush of excitement.

We tend to overload our new prospect, and drown them as we regurgitate any and all information about our business.

It really is hard not to get caught up on the moment. Success as a network marketer is achieved by becoming a professional, and taking this course will help get you there.

When you combine it with the course “How To Turn Cold Leads Into Hot Prospects” you’re starting to lay the proper foundation for building your home  business like a professional.

Since I’ve had quite a few people ask this question, I guess it’s about time I addressed it.

The question I’ve received is that this course looks similar to Ann Sieg’s ebook The 7 Lies of Network Marketing.

This course was originally produced long before Ann Sieg even came to leaders club for training.

Where she spent roughly three years learning how to prospect and recruit. There is no doubt that in my mind that the most of the concepts she learned where applied to her book.

Where Ann’s book is a lead-in to her network marketing and other affiliate opportunities this course is designed and produced to help you succeed in your current business!

For more timely network marketing tips watch the video’s on the site here at Network-Marketing-Works.com

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