Moving Our Video’s Related To Network Marketing Training

Talk about a project, when you’ve created video that provide some realistic training that help every network marketer moving them from one format to another is a challenge.

One of the challenges was wanting to keep the 2004 version of the videos as people still use or have access to the 2004 version of Act a popular contact management program.

In someways it may have been much easier to recreate them. One of the reasons for the change is that now we really don’t have to pay a company to host them.

If and that’s a big if you don’t mind advertising at the beginning or end of our videos.

Today we have quite a few options with more on the way everyday. Between Youtube and Revver you can upload any video and then embed it within your own website, blog or just about any other online medium that you can find.

My training video’s on Act 2004 can help you become more organized and make you more efficient in your prospecting, customer followup etc….

Below is the topics covered in the video’s.

In the not to distant future, I’ll be producing a version for ACT 2007. Generally as network marketers we do need to keep things within our budget.

Buying the latest version 2008 is only necessary if your running Vista.

The 2007 version can be found online at places like Amazon for a very reasonable price and thats what where after.

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  • Ted McMahan May 4, 2008 @ 10:42

    Hi Glenn,

    I am a long time user of ACT, and still found these video’s to be very helpful. You are incredibly generous in giving such valuable information away free of charge to anyone who wants to take advantage of it. Thank you very much.


    Ted McMahan

  • Glenn Jun 6, 2008 @ 17:08

    Hi Ted,

    Glad you found the video’s useful. A contact management program is essential to running a successful business.

    Lets face it we just cannot keep up with all the contact information, when we are actively prospecting.

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