Network Marketers Are A Strange Bunch

Over the years of observing network marketers I’ve concluded that some of them are indeed a strange bunch of characters. So how did I come to this conclusion they were a strange bunch.

It really wasn’t hard at all, participating in social networks really lays the foundation for this. I found it really interesting especially with twitter, with six million users it appears that I get nine million experts teaching me how to do it.

In network marketing today we have almost the same ratio, we have more people involved in training than actually doing it, at least it appears that way.

The case in point I know of several network marketers that have worked with me over the years who never really mastered the art and science of prospecting. They failed at network marketing, stated so but now have secrets to sell to you!

Staying focused

One of the greatest challenges anyone faces even network marketers is staying focused on the task at hand. The one question we have to look at is what we’re doing, can our downline duplicate it? Can you or your downline create a credible video and post it on YouTube or is it beyond the technical skills of 95% of your downline.

With social media marketing being so hard to track how do we know that our activities online are equating to a return on our investment. The investment I’m talking about is your time, can you effectively measure and track it, or are we just taking someone else’s word for it.

When someone shows you numbers, checks, leads generated how do we know these numbers are not fabricated numbers to justify their claim, we just don’t know! So when it comes to network marketers telling me how valuable and viable it is as a marketing medium I always have some level of skepticism.

Building a solid business requires skills and a foundation, without this foundation based on a solid footing the whole house of cards will tumble down. All you have to do is look at the economy over the past 10 years, we can now clearly see most of it was based on hype, greed, and corruption.

Something that we’ve clearly seen in network marketing for decades. Yet, there are no checks and balances in network marketing. We do not have someone overseeing the activities of all the marketers involved. No oversight no regulation can and does lead to abuse.

Just recently I was reading on a blog from a network marketer, they wrote that since January, in just under two months they could generate 1200 leads. I don’t know about you, but I find that hard to believe, what is their definition of a lead? Is it someone who follows you on your social site?

Are You Unknowingly Contributing to Our Bad Reputation!

How about the people following you twitter, in my last post I wrote about how it kind of creeps me out. Often, when people follow me on twitter, and they are a network marketer when I followed them; I’m often pitched their business opportunity. What gave them the idea that I’m a prospect for their business?

This no doubt comes from the training that they’re receiving from marketers who shall remain nameless, but everyone within 3 feet of µs is a prospect. You can guess my reaction, after the first message, they’re quickly un-followed.

People follow people who give them value without asking for anything in return, yet most network marketers offer nothing. People who are not looking do not want to be pitched your business opportunity! Feigned interest in someone will eventually come back to haunt you and destroy your credibility.

My advice is if you don’t know about social media marketing do not get your advice from a network marketer. If you want to learn about video marketing don’t get your advice from a network marketer. Go to the experts in the field, how will you know who is an expert that’s the million-dollar question. If they advertise we will teach you the secrets run away as quickly as you can away. In reality, there are no secrets!

What Does Make Sense?

There is a ray of hope, yet how do we know the risks we’re being asked to take our worth taking? You have to be able to understand and sort out for yourself, in other words read between the lines of what is hype and their track record.

As I previously pointed out reading a blog that has only been around for a few months and someone pointing out that they could generate 1200 leads in less than two months well that just smells like hype!

Here is an article that will help you in Avoiding Network Marketing Scams, and the hype surrounding it as you build your business with integrity!

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