Network Marketing Company And Prime Time Advertising!

While many people do not like this company, I find it kind of refreshing that they would come out with actual television advertising. No bold claims just the facts about the company.

I’m neither a fan nor advocate of this company, yet know that each of us involved owe a great deal to the stance and perseverance this company has shown. If it was not for them we may not be here at all!

Why is it that more companies do not practice this to assist their distributors? I only know of a few that have done this recently Amway and Pre-Paid Legal. I’m sure there are more, but these are the only ones that come to mind.

Television advertising is not cheap by any means. Yet, you would think that the companies could somehow work this into their marketing budgets. Reaching a larger market audience and building credibility with the distributors warm market.

On the other hand, there are some companies that want to fly so low under the radar that they actually severely restrict what the representatives can do online. At times, they’ve even gone after advertisers that advertise with their keywords.

In many cases, you really cannot blame a company for doing these restrictions. Many MLM / Network Marketing companies have been shut down over the advertising.

Still it is refreshing to see Amway – Quixtar taking this proactive approach and I’m sure their Independent Business Owners appreciate it.

Which brings up what about doing your own local television advertising. Today with all the cable systems there are channels where you could if you do your homework find affordable times to run your own television advertising. Of course you would have to use company provided or approved material.

Then there is radio advertising which you could also run ad spots on or even 30 minute shows. When it comes to marketing employing multiple methods can be very beneficial yet always remember to keep it within your marketing budget and track your results.

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  • Ted McMahan Aug 5, 2008 @ 6:58

    Hi Glenn,

    I am in complete agreement with your post. I too have watched in amazement as most companies have done everything in their power to not only tie the hands of their Distributors limiting their marketing efforts, while also refusing themselves to provide effective marketing methods other than ineffective brochures and replicated websites.

    I saw the Amway-Quixtar commercial on television the other night, and was very excited about it. I commented to my wife; “isn’t that amazing that Amway has chosen to market their name on television after all these years?” I was immediately reminded how back in the 80’s, when Herbalife hit a growth plateau, that what Mark Hughes had done to take that company to the next level was; used a Satellite broadcast on television to do a 30 infomercial. No other company in MLM had ever been so bold to try such a thing. Herbalife’s growth curve immediately resumed, and they went on to become a running giant in the industry.

    Another company getting ready to do this in a massive way is Max International. Owners of Max; Steven K Scott (American Telecast) and Guthy-Renker have more combined experience in marketing products on television that anyone else in that industry. They have marketed Billion of $’s in products on television annually, and plan to later in 2008 or 1st Qtr. 2009 turn on the infomercials about Max international.

    In addition to the product sales this will create (which by the way, they plan to give to the distributor base), these infomercials will have a very powerful market softening effect, like nothing experienced in the MLM Industry ever before.

    Just Imagine, a new distributor talking to his neighbor about Max GXL and their comment; “Oh yea! I saw that on TV, and wanted to try it!” Incredible! This alone should be enough to excite any marketer.

    Bottom line, your post was right on target, and I enjoyed it very much!

    Ted McMahan

  • Mark Spivey Aug 17, 2008 @ 3:34

    Hi Glenn,

    Thanks for this article.

    As Network marketing skeptic who changed his opinion a few years back and joined a MLM company:

    It’s great to see network marketing come out from the veil of obscurity and into the mainstream arena as a legitimate way to build an income.

    Having a TV presence does a lot to increase not only awareness but also credibility within the business world and the spin off from a well run campaign can reap dividends months down the track.

    Having your own company (mine is VMdirect) get positive prime time TV coverage does a great deal to boost your own morale too. There’s something special about being able to tell others the products you sell recently featured on a well respected show.

    Another thought that crossed my mind when reading this was the aspect that many MLM companies do provide excellent products and services (they would have to in order to survive) and getting an on air placing (which is costly in anyone’s book) is proof that they are in it for the long haul.

    I imagine other companies will follow suit in the future.

    Thank you once again for an excellent article.

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