Network Marketing Is Not A Niche Market

At least, not today by any measurable standard. While that may have been true in the beginning of online network marketing, today there a billions of pages on the subject.

The term network marketing is to broad in scope and the competition is fierce! Yet, there are smaller segments within the term where one can do well.

These smaller niches are there and don’t expect any of the guru’s to tell you about them…

…They will send you off in another direction where you’ll have limited success, all the while keeping their top producing niches a closely guarded secret.

When you stop and think about it, your friends and family are a niche market as strange as that may seem.

But, as we all know we’ve probably already burnt through that market. And, in the process probably destroyed a few of those relationships along the road.

One thing I’ve found interesting over the years…

Is that one of my competitors within the same company continuously sponsors more people each month. Now why would I find that interesting?

Lets break it down, I have a far larger web presence compared to his much smaller site. He relies chiefly on (PPC advertising) doesn’t bombard them with email campaigns or ton’s of pre-selling.

So is it one of those special niches that no one else wants you to know about? Not really everyone else is advertising in the same place.

What is different is that he is a very skilled prospector. And, he didn’t wait for them to chase him down, or let the website do the talking.

He continuously picks up the phone and calls prospects. Whether these are leads he generated or those he’s purchased. No hype, no false pretenses just good honest efforts to turn cold leads into hot prospects.

And, that’s what makes it interesting.

Personal one-on-one communications seems to always trump technology and automation every time.

So, it would appear that if you found a niche within network marketing and truly knew how to prospect, life would be much easier.

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