Perry Marshall’s Latest Email About Google.

I think this email was pretty relevent as it relates to the post I made yesterday. In Perry’s latest email he is quoting Dave Bullock on Why Google Just Won’t Shut up & Take Your Money?

All of the pieces are starting to fit together. In the news today there are reports that Google’s Ad traffic declined according to the report by ComScore for the month of January. Which caused the stock to drop 4.6%.

Hitwise reported actually an increase? I can look at my own stats and see a decline as well for the month of January, so I’d be more inclined to go with ComScore on this one.

Yet with Google’s announcement on 02-19-08 that the rules of advertising will be changing, it is starting to make perfect sense. See the post about new rules.

Dave explained, some things that make perfect sense. Google is a trusted resource by most consumers. It is one of the first places they look when shopping online.

When we tie Google’s actions of literally cleaning house with all the duplicate ad’s pointing essentially to the same site’s but using different and in my opinion misleading URL’s are they trying to reclaim their trust factor with their customer base?

I have to applaud them on cleaning up this mess and bringing relevant searches back into the mix.

Since they and most search engines do a great job in their results basing everything on trust.

So go out there today and do a search on your favorite network marketing guru, do the search engines show them in the results for their name? And if they don’t why not? Since it is all based on Trust!

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