Prospecting is Like Learning to Fly.

Analogies are a great way to look at things as they relate to our business. In prospecting the more we “practice”, the more we develop the required skills and yes the coordination that is required to succeed. Will we ever reach absolute perfection? No but our skill level will be proportionate to the practice and consistency we put into it.

Years ago after spending thousands of hours as a crewman flying in helicopters and HC-130’s as a navigator I decided to to get my pilots license. During those years I spent countless boring hours flying in circles around an airport taking off, landing, taking off, and landing repeatedly.

Most people would wonder why you would need all this practice. During those years I also flew in some of the Worst weather you could imagine. The Bering Sea in Alaska has weather that the rest of the world considers hurricanes, typhoons but they just call it a low pressure system. When these pilots would attempt to land at some remote airport, hundreds of miles from no where they needed all the skill they had developed through practice.

When I started learning to fly, my instructor did not turn me loose in the airplane. He did not say ok, you’ve watched, you’ve seen it done now go do it. It required practice to develop the skill level and coordination required to achieve success, in other words “Get the airplane back on the Ground in one Piece”.

After learning to fly, getting that coveted pilot’s license, I still went out and practiced to improve and continue to develop the skills I had acquired. One of the things I always did was to practice crosswind landings. The stronger the wind the better. You see anyone can land when the wind is calm, but when the wind is blowing 20 to 50 mph it takes skill and coordination that can only be developed through practice.

One of the toughest things you do in flying is a night landing with no aircraft lights. Your natural reaction is to focus on the beginning of the runway, “just like so many of us in our businesses” the place you want the aircraft to land. This always leads to an unpleasant arrival; the object is to keep your eye on the far end of the runway or in Network Marketing business it is your long range goal.

Do you ever become perfect? NO, but with the skill you have developed you will take the fear out of it. If it does not look right you can always add power and go around to try another landing. Each approach to a landing will be different; no two will ever be the same, just like in prospecting!

So what does having a pilot’s license really mean?

It’s a license to continue to learn, to practice and improve.

After all being in Network Marketing is so much like flying, a life long journey to improve ones skills. So practice, grow, learn and most of all enjoy the ride.

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