So You Want To Develop A Network Marketing Web Presence?

Developing a web presence ranks high on the list for a majority of network marketers, and it should! The internet has radically changed how most people perceive business should be done today.

And, getting an internet presence today has never been easier or has it?

Registering a domain name is easy, setting up a web site is a little more challenging but not too difficult. The real issues is who can we trust for advice?

This morning I was reading one of my favorite news letters, the article was leading up to the question “What’s Wrong With the Way Most People Think Today!”

In the article, it was talking about Nietzshe, what really stood out was “most people would rather act on the basis of theoretical knowledge, than on what they know from personal experience.”

In many ways this explains why network marketers usually fail miserably when it comes to writing web pages or their blog. For example:

A copywriter can spend hours to weeks hammering out good to great ad copy. Generally they start at a slight disadvantage because first they really do not know what their ideal customer wants!

But, when a copywriter is working for a specific company, often that company will have years worth of marketing data already accumulated from its previous customers.

From this collection of data, combined with years of copywriting experience they often come up with good to great ad copy.

This puts the average network marketer at a disadvantage! More often than not, we do not have this information, and if we did we seldom have the experience necessary to write great ad copy.

Thus, we fall back on theoretical information supplied by someone else who also accumulated the information in the same fashion with no personal experience!

For example, I wrote a post in February 2009, in the post I was pointing out the differences between Apple and Microsoft and how Microsoft was adopting a global retail chain.

Why is that important? It was in my opinion Microsoft’s missing ingredient the personal experience. Apple with its retail chain and representatives in the field where gaining that first hand customer experience and feedback.

Not theoretical knowledge but first hand personal experience! Today, we see in the Windows 7 commercials, they listened to… their customers!

In Network Marketing…

…today you’ll see people investing into a business that they know little to nothing about and end up losing money. As we begin to fail, we start to follow every piece of theoretical advice out there, I know in the beginning I did!

I love it when I hear this phrase!

Never cold call again: Get leads chasing you! Yet, if you’ve never talked to a lead (a real person) and hundreds to thousands of them, can you ever really know what they want or need?

If you don’t know what they want can you create a strong network marketing web presence and get them to chasing you?

In order to create a successful web presence, combine your personal experience with the theoretical! For it is your personal experience that will be reflected in the writing on your website or blog.

If you’re using the same tool: What if anything will set you apart from the billions of other web pages and millions of network marketers on the web?

Where can you start?

First, determine which platform is best for your needs and budget, static website, or blog like WordPress, or a content Management system like Insitecreation or Drupal.

Second, to whom will you be marketing too? Once you’ve identified this keep your site focused and on target.

When you mix how to build a business with articles on your companies nutritional products…

…you’ve just lost your visitors interest!

Third, never try to game the system! Many marketers do this, and while it may work for a short period of time, eventually it falls apart.

Take for example the latest FTC rules, this has caused many network marketers to rethink and totally change their marketing methods.

Again follow you gut instinct, would I let my mother read this, would I show this to my friends, they will find it one day!

Forth, and probably the most important you’ll need to talk to enough prospects, those actively seeking out what it is you have to offer!

If you listen closely, write down every question they have, you’ll begin to develop an insight into what it is they want to hear and read.

Yet, that alone does not guarantee you will be successful, although it might make your website successful! That sounds counter productive to everything you’ve read doesn’t it?

How do you get the experience… if you’ve never done this before or even if you’re struggling today? There is no better way than by using the affiliate resource I’ve promoted over the past six years.

A resource that is one of the most cost effective ways to build a network marketing business used by thousands of individuals over the years and they even offer free web-hosting along with many other exclusive benefits for it’s members!

You can go through life guessing what your prospects want, or you can gain the first hand knowledge of what they truly want.

Then, and only then, can we finally begin to understand what it takes to develop a strong network marketing web presence!

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