Social Media Marketing = Network Marketing?

Watching the proponents of Social Media Marketing as it relates to small and large businesses is showing a shift in the way they should be marketing.

By bringing the human element back into it. I find it both interesting and humerous at the same time.

Companies have always known that people prefer to buy from those that they know and trust, yet companies moved away from this!

Now they are bringing it back as economic times demand it.

I would venture to say, if they where tracking it what they would find is third party endorsements actually drive more sales then Social Media does.

Yet that could change as people gain confidence with the respective companies that are using this medium.

While network marketingaffiliate programs have always been a great way for companies to move products and services, the method the majority of marketers currently use boarders on the shady side.

Hype still sells in this world, unfortunately!

How often have you read news reporters talk negative about it, when someone approaches them and “pitches their business opportunity.”

Key word being pitched, most marketers just don’t understand what is, and what is not a prospect.

The majority of networkers are so focused on the recruiting side, that they often fail to look at the retail side of their business as well.

Now I should be fair there are many who do focus on the retail side!

Often many of the products and services offered by network marketers are way overpriced, yet if the product or service is better then the competitions it maybe justify the higher price.

Case in point is when you look at computers, why is it that one company does very well selling higher priced laptops and desktops and yet another loses money.

With todays, lack of trust between the consumer and companies building credibility will take time. This is what the proponents of Social Media Marketing appear to be conveying.

Now this is nothing new Leaders Club has been teaching this since 1994, the process of connecting with your customers, downline, and recruiting bringing it back to the human level.

This is where the challenges lie in marketing to customers and potential business associates.

Some individuals have placed themselves into the category of telemarketer buy using tools such as autodialers to contact people.

This of course takes the human element out of it, no doubt your telephone will be ringing just as they promised you it would.

The only problem is it will be from pissed off individuals. Yet, you have a choice; you can put the social part back into it by simply dialing yourself and talking to people.

What if you do not have communication skills?

This is the one thing you can do to not only improve your life, but your business growth as well.

For many it may take as little as a few months to several years. How often have you heard the statement those that have been in this industry for five to seven years reached a substantial income level?

Did you ever stop to think that maybe along the way they improved their communications skills, applied social marketing, knowing the right way to do it?

The great part is you can do it without the hype and loathing that is a part of your business, you have the control, and direction, you just have to choose which direction you want to go.

So today we have companies moving to social media marketing aka “network marketing” as a way to build credibility and trust with their current customers and potential customers. Now that is a paradigm shift!

What are your thoughts on it?

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