Successful Social Network?

Today I was reading this article, | Anatomy of a Successful Social Network amazing what you’ll find when you do a search on the internet.

What really comes to view as your reading this article is how right he is about the mistakes made by other sites as well.

When you take a stroll through the network marketing side of Myspace it really does appear that everyone there is out to out spam the other.

The things that work in Myspace do not work on websites or blogs for that matter. Yet this is what they’ve been taught to do.

I did like the part about, Ads, Ads, everywhere, and boy is it so true when it comes to all of the web 2.0 sites.

You don’t even have a choice in the matter there will be ads and mainly from your competitors. At least with your own blog or website you do have a choice to block competitors.

One of the issues was how most sites are not sharing revenue with the members who create the content and make the sites what they are!

Now at least does share revenue or you can donate it to charities!

I’ll be testing to see if in fact it even generates any traffic at all. My guess is it will be it will traffic that I expect it to be.

Now along comes the newest of social sites “sic” Wowzza here is a site targeted at network marketers. Lets figure this out you pay to join and get others to join, then you prospect each other because your all targeted leads. I can see where the Wow factor comes in!

Just my opinion but this has pyramid scheme written all over it. One of the first books I read on network marketing addressed this problem years ago as a serious issue in the credibility of this as a business model.

Then again in the U.S. most of us are totally lazy, always looking for the quick, get rich, no work involved type of business!

It’s no wonder so many fail in this industry.

Awhile back I worked with a guy “Magdi” who immigrated from Africa. In many of our discussions he eluded to the fact that we where lazy, we had so much opportunity in front of us, yet we are unwilling to work for it.

This website got to where it is because of hard work, and persistence. I did not need any special tools and in fact wasted ton’s of money on tools and system’s that I just didn’t need.

Yet there is always someone out there willing to sell you what you think you need, not what you actually need!

Stay tuned in, shortly, I’ll have a complete tear down of low to no cost ways to build your network marketing business.

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