Is there Social In Social Network Marketing?

I find it kind of ironic that individuals promoting and utilizing social media to advance their network marketing business have taken the social out of it.

If you look at the definition of social one aspect is: “relating to or designed for activities in which people meet each other for pleasure!”

In network marketing this could mean “hotel meetings, home parties etc…” Today most individuals believe this means Twitter, Facebook, Linked in etc…

While each of these new methods does bring a method to stay connected to people all around the globe, some of these have become antisocial.

If you’re involved on Twitter and network marketing you know what I mean. It’s like turning on a 24/7 shopping channel. There is very little social activity at all.

Web 2.0,  social media, and beyond was designed to bring interaction between the content creator and the visitor.

Twitter was touted as a micro-blog and some do use it in this fashion, while most network marketers use it simply as a broadcast tool.

They accomplish this by plugging into automated tools that auto-follow and auto-tweet for them. Taking the social part out of it.

Google got a lot of flack, when they first released Google Buzz, and rightfully so.

But, Google Buzz (my profile) in my opinion will do a much better job of putting the social back into web 2.0 than twitter ever will.

With Buzz you can pull in your various feeds from your sites as I have done, placing everything in one location.

Individuals are commenting on how Google Buzz is replacing the RSS feed for blog sites.

As the readers of the feed are opting for Buzz.

And, this really makes sense. Yet, in someways it dose seem self-defeating. With a RSS feed it is all one-sided, you read and then goto the blog post to comment, a benefit.

With Buzz, your followers can comment in the Buzz-O-Sphere without having to visit the site at all. Now, this could become a negative.

But, it does allow for more interaction, something that Twitter in my opinion sorely lacks. Especially when it comes to network marketing.

This doesn’t mean you should stop using Twitter, I won’t! But, sometimes you just have to turn off the 24/7 shopping channel.

Look for ways that really bring the social part back into social network marketing!

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  • Liz Feb 24, 2010 @ 19:55

    Hi Glen I couldn’t agree with you more. Twitter is mostly just as you described, though you would like to think that some people may obtain some valuable information that is shared on amongst all the blatant selling. To a certain extent Facebook is almost in the same manner – though my experience is people sending messages constantly advertising the same thing over and over with their friend requests – it does become tiring!

    Great post, Liz

  • Glenn Feb 24, 2010 @ 20:17

    Hi Liz,

    Occasionally you do reach people via Twitter. But, generally it comes only from those outside of network marketing.

    Everyone wants to drive traffic to their sites with the least amount of work. Yet, it’s one of the reasons I stopped teaching individuals what they need to do to achieve it.

    Most do not have the patience nor the stamina to keep it up. Occasionally one or two will show promise, and you can see the internet littered with their websites.

    They start a blog, twitter and facebook. Then everything comes to a grinding halt as they find out they’ve once again that course they paid for…

    …Well lets just say didn’t tell the truth.

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