Top Network Marketing Companies?

Today if you look online you’ll find plenty of information on what many believe to be the top network marketing companies.

Yet, most if not all of the observations are based on factors that are totally irrelevant to the success of the company.

Ranking a company according to it’s Google page rank, Alexa rank and Google trends means absolutely nothing.

Now if you where to say these are the top companies based on page rank etc… then maybe you would be providing something useful.

Recently I read a blog post about the top companies based on revenue. Now a companies revenue is something we can use to determine just how successful a company has been.

When we couple this information along with the number of distributors and length of time in business we have something useful we can measure by.

What I found laughable in this post was the author was trying to point out how new school network marketing was the way to go…

…Yet, the top two companies on the list revenue wise where way out in front of the others on the list. The companies where Avon and Amway!

Two companies that utilize old school marketing methods, go figure that one out. Companies whose members hold home parties, local meetings, bug their friends and family members etc…

Is it because they have superior products? Or, is it because they are marketing in a fashion that most people simply refuse to do?

People get paid in network marketing, multi-level marketing, direct sales for moving products and services, along with finding others who will do the same.

So the next time you see “The Top Network Marketing Companies” think a moment about what factors they are using to judge them by.

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