What Defines A Network Marketing Professional?

Today we have many people wearing the hat of a network marketing professional, yet how do we know just who is and is not telling the truth.

Are they qualified simply by having enough “Youtube Video’s” can you say low budget?

Today we have the new school of network marketing vs the old school? Everyone seems to think that it’s all about Web 2.0, search engines email campaigns etc… Yet no one simply picks up the phone!

Today the rage is that your company and up line are all lying to you. They really don’t want you to succeed. This type of thinking will surely kill your business just as fast as if you did nothing at all. If you begin, your first contact with someone based on it’s all lying then why would your prospect believe your not lying?

Think about it for a few minutes ” You Reap what you Sow” If you continue to go through life basing everything on negativity that is exactly what you’ll get in the end! Yet, this is what thousands are doing today, sabotaging their own businesses by promoting fear based, hype filled marketing.

This type of marketing has done more to harm this industry, then most of you will ever know or maybe you just don’t care? If you look at what’s out there from a politician’s point of view, lets say an Attorney General from your state. What will they find but thousands of people saying that your company and up-line is lying to you!

This opens the door for an Attorney General to begin shutting down your company because it must be true, you are saying it is right!

I’ve had conversations with individuals from many different companies that indicate companies are taking an aggressive stance on this. Those promoting these lies are being told to cease or leave the business. Can you really blame any company for doing that?

Companies have to give specific guidelines for promotion for a reason, not to keep you from succeeding but to keep the company in business. There has been quite a few network marketing companies shut down simply from the advertising they have done on the internet, are you helping our hurting your business?

So how do you want to be remembered years down the road? When your downline fails was it because they didn’t get the job done or will it be what you’ve already propagated that you lied as well?

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