What Makes Network Marketing Attractive?

In the news yesterday was an article from the Associated Press. The article painted a bleak picture for the millions of Americans that are currently unemployed.

It states that a new finding a new job often means a pay cut, often accompanied with a relocation to a new area for a job.

They cited a few examples that indicated workers laid off during the 1981-82 recession earned 20 percent less, even 20 years after they where rehired.

Faced with the prospects that history will repeat itself…

…And, millions will be facing the cold hard reality that they will be earning 20 percent less over the coming decades you would think that this would make network marketing more attractive.

Quite possibly it could fill that 20 percent gap in income many are facing, or it could lead to a full time income completely replacing what they lost.

Still, what about those that have not lost their job, are they planning for the future? After all there is no guarantee of success in life!

What can we do to make network marketing attractive to millions of people that may already have a perception of it being a “Scam, Pyramid or Ponzi scheme?

We need to become professionals, not just act like it! Then and only then will the network marketing – MLM industry become attractive.

If your ready to become a true professional, here is the one company can help you reach that goal.

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  • iLearningglobal Jan 14, 2010 @ 2:15

    Yes, I would agree with this reasons. Life is very difficult today, even if you are a degree holder. Network marketing is right on the money today because more people and businessmen are engaged in a computer technology.

    Nice post!

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