Who Is In Control Of Your Network Marketing Future?

With 2008 rapidly coming to a close, what a year it has been! In the beginning of they year it seemed everyone was in denial when it came to the economy or where they?

This year really brought to light who is really in charge of this economy, and that is you and I. The more doom and gloom that was spread by the media telling us just how bad everything is, turned it into a self-fulfilling prophecy.

We where hit with major changes to our daily lives, starting with the rapidly rising price of fuel. The constant debates as to what was causing it had multiple factors which led to the rapid rise in oil prices.

Now if you’re a network marketing like I am working full time from home the price of oil affected me but not to the degree that it did those that had to travel to work.

With the dubious reporting by the media it seems like everyone missed the point in what led to the current Financial Crisis. I wrote a post back in September Financial Crisis Who Is To Blame where i laid out my views on it.

As consumers we really are the fuel that drives the economy, when we stop spending, things happen. This creates it’s own set of problems as we stop spending, companies stop moving products and services. Then comes the layoffs, which is dutifully reported by the media.

This of course leads to more fear, leading to decreased spending on our part, sliding the economy further down. So what does this have to do with network marketing about who is in control?

You’re In Control Of Your Network Marketing Future

Right after the election this year, I had several people approach me and state that they where going to quit their business all because of the out come of the election. Now this really does not make sense when you put it into the long term scheme of things.

When you look at the cold hard reality, 97% of Network Marketers will never earn more then $200 a month, yet your earnings within this home business are solely within your control. Only if you choose to take control of your business.

This business can give you the opportunity to live life the way you want to if you get serious about it. If you fall into the category of those that call it things like MLM the game.

Or I’ll give it a try you’ll probably never reach the success that you really want and deserve. This form of self-sabotage is not what you really need!

If you did not find the success you where looking for in 2008, make a commitment to yourself to make 2009 the year where you take your business seriously. Become the one who is in control of their financial destination, if you won’t do it no one else will!

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