Your 2010 Network Marketing Resolutions

Each year we set new goals for ourselves. We tell ourselves that this year will be the year that our network marketing business grows exponentially.

88 percent of Americans set New Year’s resolutions each year. Yet, by January 2nd over half of those resolutions have already been abandoned.

Followed by another 10 percent by January 3rd.

By the time, we get to April over 90 percent have completely forgotten the resolutions they’ve set for the New Year!

Last month I had written about “Blogging your way to network marketing success.” This is another goal that many set for themselves each year.

And, each year like clockwork many abandon their blogging project. They find out very quickly that it will take far more time and effort to achieve.

If you’re going to blog try to be consistent, trust me it’s hard to do. Especially when you are trying to run more than one blog like I do.

I am convinced that even with everything going on in our society today that 2010 will be your most productive year ever if you take action today!

If you think back to one of the biggest obstacles to starting your business, I’m sure you’ll agree it was believing that you don’t have enough time.

No doubt, your prospects feel exactly the same way as you did. Now imagine telling your prospects or new downline members that in order to succeed they will need to spend…

Several hours each day on social sites.

Countless hours learning how to create a website or blog.

Several hours each week Blogging.

Countless hours learning how to create and publish Youtube Videos.

Knowing full well that 90 percent of them will quit by April after they see no results from all this time and effort.

You’ve set them up to compete with ten’s of thousands all in the same market. Imagine driving down the road and all you could see are thousands of the same franchises along the road, where is the attraction in that?

But, you don’t really care you got your one time commission?

Maybe it’s time to become a contrarian network marketer and stop following the herd. After all if your goal is to generate a full time network marketing income, you’ll need to differentiate yourself from all the lemmings out there.

If there is one thing that the most successful network marketers do it is, they don’t always follow the herd. And they do not abandon proven methods that work in any economic situation.

After all I’m hoping that you did not start this only to end up going broke in network marketing.

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