When You Know How it Works!


…Everyone is doing it today, even my wife has a blog of her own "Cloez Corner." But I'm going to let you in on a dirty-little secret!

When it comes to a network marketing blog people only comment for two reasons they have their own self interest in creating links to their site or it is your downline who comments.

This does not mean you should not blog, in fact I encourage you to! Learning to write all over again does wonders in your learning curve, just do not expect to much out of it.

Marsedit 3 Latest Release from Red Sweater

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Today red sweater released Marsedit 3 a desktop blog editing software for the Mac. Ever since I discovered this software I've used it primarily for all of my blogging endeavors.

One of the draw backs of versions prior to version 3 was the ability in Wordpress to edit pages, now you can. For previous owners of version 2 there is an upgrade fee.

Extending My Network Marketing Website

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Well, after what seems like an eternity I'm finally back to posting again on Network Marketing Works! It's not that I've been lazy or anything like that.

As you can probably tell, or maybe you can't if you've never been here before the site has an entirely new look. It is almost back to one of the original versions of the site.

If You Do Not Watch It Time Moves Quickly

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Wow, where does the time go. I realized I hadn't written a post here in a little over a month, as I was exploring the idea of moving this site to a new platform.

During this discovery phase it brought out many questions - the "Pro's" and "Con's" of doing it. And more specifically which platform to utilize!

Can You Blog Your Way To Network Marketing Success?

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With millions of blogs out there, and more on the way everyday can you really blog your way to network marketing success?

I'm sure we all wish it was that easy! The sad truth is the internet is littered with abandoned websites and blogs.

With a static website, it is difficult to tell that it has been abandoned. But, when it comes to a blog it is clearly obvious to even the most casual observer that it has been abandoned.

Got A Network Marketing Blog Then You Need MarsEdit 2

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...And, you'll also need to be running an Apple Computer to use the software. This software has really impressed me and so I'm sharing the information with you. So what does it do for you that you cannot do within Wordpress, Drupal, Blogger, Tumblr, TypePad or other blogging software? The one feature, I find awesome

So You Want To Develop A Network Marketing Web Presence?

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Developing a web presence ranks high on the list for a majority of network marketers, and it should! The internet has radically changed how most people perceive business should be done today.

And, getting an internet presence today has never been easier or has it?

Registering a domain name is easy, setting up a web site is a little more challenging but not too difficult. The real issues is who can we trust for advice?

Moving NMW’s Blog To Thesis For WordPress

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After careful deliberation I finally decided to move my network marketing blog over to the Wordpress Thesis theme.

I still have some reservations as to how well it will work it is a flexible design with a lot of support.

Previously I had used a Revolution theme, which was nice, and I had highly modified it. Still it's always fun to give a site or blog a new face lift every now and then.

Ineffective Blog Marketing

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Back in February 2008 I wrote a post about Ineffective Email Marketing and what inexperienced people where actually out their doing trying to find success.

As we know bulk emails don't work, most if not all get filtered out by the many systems available to not only the internet service providers, web hosting platforms and the end users own desktop filtering system.

Choosing A Good Template For Your Network Marketing Site

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Choosing a good template for you website can be a challenge, yet they do exist. When I was looking for a template, one that I could take and adapt not only for the blog but also the rest of the site I stumbled upon this series of themes called Revolution.

The theme's themselves are very professionally done and really help bring Wordpress into the forefront of Content Management Systems. With a little work you can make your network marketing site look truly unique and different from everyone elses site.