Turn Your Cold Leads Into Hot Prospects!

With regret this course is no longer available.

Are you practicing these business killers…

“How To Kill Your Network Marketing Business
By Throwing Away Your Names List,
Avoiding Your Local Meetings, And
How To Hide Your Business
From Your Friends And Family…

When You Know The Right Strategies and Techniques, You’ll Know…

“How To Succeed By Building
Your Names List, Attending Your Local Meetings,
How To Tell Your Friends, Family & Others
About Your Network Marketing Business…

Glenn Burks

From: Glenn Burks Henderson, Nevada Network-Marketing-Works.com

Dear Fellow Marketers:

Without question, today it is tougher than ever to build a network marketing business or any business for that matter.

Competition is brutal, you find yourself competing with upline, downline, and other marketers from all over the globe, each of you trying to reach the same potential prospects.

Couple it with a failing economy and you will realize the deck is stacked against you…

I am not going to start by telling you this is the most important message you’ll ever read… That is for you to determine! What I will write to you about is, just the facts!

It doesn’t matter where you look, you will notice (in case you haven’t already) that hundreds of small businesses have closed their doors, and more are doing it each day!

Even today internet marketers are suffering through this deepening recession; their response rates are declining! Yet, they’ll still paint a rosy picture for you!

Three to five years ago all that you needed to do was throw up a landing page, and suddenly you had more prospects than you could handle!

Internet surfers today (your potential prospects) are much smarter and far more discerning…

… And prudent network marketers know from experience their best opportunities are those closest at hand.

Most Are Too Busy Eking Out a Living to Make Any Money In Network Marketing!

How To Turn Cold Leads Into Hot Prospects

But, if you truly want to succeed today, you must know How To Turn Cold Leads Into Hot Prospects!

“This is the BIBLE of Prospecting! Not only is this a fantastic resource for all marketers; it is a must for Coaches and Trainers alike to use in their own sessions with down-line as well as clients!” Steve Sakal – California

As I promised, I am writing here just to give you the facts, and before you ask the question, yes, I do make a small profit from this course. Now your wondering why this one?

While there are many other courses out there that are far more expensive and would be more profitable. When I’m the one putting my name and reputation behind a product, it had better deliver!

Your next question might be would I tell you about it if there was no profit in it? Absolutely!

Just like you probably have I’ve purchased courses at two to three times the price and was sorely disappointed. After all if all I wanted was was a story or other generic prospecting book, I could have picked one up at the local book store.

This isn’t some cheesy e-book to download, one that will get lost along with the hundreds of other pdf’s on your computer, it’s a real course.

What’s in this course?

  • Two and half hours of Audio Training on 2 CD’s – These studio recorded audio’s are packed with content that you will not find anywhere else. Over 20 years of testing and perfecting went into the making of this course!
  • 36 Page Workbook & Study Guide… with exercises to help you implement and retain the information you’ll learn.
  • Market Tested Recruiting Scrips
  • Six Powerful Success Exercises
  • Self-Test – to gage your mastery of the material.
  • Exclusive Tracking Worksheets.
  • Thirteen Strategies to Bullet Proof Your Phone Prospecting.

Plus three other bonuses…

I keep my personal copy on my desk within arms reach and refer to it daily. You too can also…

These Proven Techniques Show You How You Can Turn Any Conversation Into a $100,000 Marketing Effort Without Manipulation, Hype, or Sleazy “hard sell” Pressure Tactics!

How To Turn Cold Leads Into Hot Prospects

What you’ll get from the course How To Turn Cold Leads Into Hot Prospects is Useful Knowledge, And Its Application!

While no course alone can guarantee your success you’ll find this resource invaluable and always useful.

Sincerely, Glenn Burks Network-Marketing-Works.com