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Coaching Observations

network marketing coaching exists today. Yet, the majority of people claiming to be a coach are not even close to being qualified to do so.

Often they are only a few weeks ahead of where you are today! It does not matter how likable they are if it is your home business and financial future is at stake.

Top Network Marketing Companies?

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Today if you look online you'll find plenty of information on what many believe to be the top network marketing companies.

Yet, most if not all of the observations are based on factors that are totally irrelevant to the success of the company.

Ranking a company according to it's Google page rank, Alexa rank and Google trends means absolutely nothing.

10 Dumb Things To Do In Network Marketing

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When you first start out in network marketing or any other business you'll read a lot of information on the internet maybe a few books etc...

I know I did and I'm sure you have as well. If there is one thing we've learned from the past couple of years in this crappy economy, it is where and how we spend our money.

Is Everyone A Network Marketing Consultant?

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Everywhere I look today, I see individuals in network marketing that are being taught to call themselves a consultant. Why do they do it?

One of my former downline members who now calls himself a consult was terminated for plagerism of the companies training material.

I guess he thought, taking articles written by someone else, attaching his name to them, posting them all over the internet qualified him as a network marketing consultant.

Everyone Is A Network Marketing Coach Today

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Beware of false profits, in network marketing especially when it comes to coaching.

Today many claim to be just that, simply because someone said they should give themselves that title.

It goes back to latest scam to hit the internet perceived credibility. If you say it enough times it must be true. There are a great many people within this industry I do respect, then there are those that are plain scammers.

The problem is someone new to the industry, just does not have a clue on what is truthful, and what is deception.

If It Is Not Yours, Then Who’s Responsibility Is It?

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I was doing a little light reading the other day, when I came across a post that essentially said "personal responsibility" was not essential to your success. The author indicated it was a good thing "personal responsibility" but not a sufficient thing for big success.

The author referenced, top network marketing people that bumped into someone and that was what was responsible for their success. In all fairness not knowing all the details, I still find that hard to believe.

What Does A Network Marketer Look For In A Company

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What is it that attracts any network marketer to a particular company? Is it the hype used to promote it, the money that someone else made in the company?

Often, this is the case. I really like to read other sites when they talk about how to choose a company and what to look for. Of course, they want to promote their own company, we all do.

Network Marketing Rabbit-Trails

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What is a "rabbit-trail?" It is a side-path, leading from the main path to an undetermined destination - at least that is my definition. So why am I even discussing this?

The other day I was having a conversation with a fellow network marketer. He had subscribed to a reputable training on how to expand his business when he decided to go another direction. I asked him why he was changing his course in mid-stream. His answer was, what he was doing is not working.

Network Marketing Doesn’t Work For Me!

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How many times have I heard the statement - "Network marketing doesn't work for me." As a matter of fact, how many times have I felt that way? The fact of the matter is, network marketing will work for just about everyone, if that person understands how to put the pieces of a network marketing business together.

Puzzle Piece # 1 - Have a plan of action - Know how much effective action you need to take each day that will get you to your success goal.

Puzzle Piece # 2 - Execute your daily plan on a consistent basis.

Entrepreneur or Employee, Which Are You?

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When it comes to being an employee of a company or a entrepreneur what is the difference? Stop and really take a look at your place of employment, how many of the individuals employed there are really just passing time in order to get a pay check?

Lets face it as an employee our goal really has been to get the most pay for the least amount of work. This could be one of the major reasons that when we start a business, we are destined to fail before we ever get started?