Unilevel Pay Plans

Unilevel Pay PLans

Unilevel pay plans are in my opinion the best option. Essentially I can control the income that I earn based on my own efforts. Why is this so important?

Unilevel Pay Plan

Many companies pay structure is laid out so that you must build a huge down-line to generate substantial income.

This is generally also true with our customer base.

In network marketing we should really be focused more on customer acquisition then downline building.

Often this is not the case with most company pay plans.

For example with the unilevel pay plan I know that if I go out and acquire ten customers that a company will pay me 100.00 for each customer.

Now I know that I’ve just generated $1000.00, if the customers are on a monthly order for products or services then I will generate a residual income from each customer repeating order.

This monthly residual income could depending on the companies pay structure range from 5% to 30% of their monthly recurring orders.

This gives me the incentive to get out and find new customers, but to also follow up with the customer’s I’ve already acquired.

With this in mind, you can now predict with some certainty what you income level could be based on your own actions.

You do not have to rely on the actions of others. Anything that your downline does should be in my opinion be considered just a fringe benefit!