Foundation For Success

Get your tools ready for success.

What I’m going to share with you here is a process that will hopefully lead you to greater success. Setting up your tools especially a good contact management system.

If you are serious about building a network marketing business; then there things you need to do to get prepared.

Very few people every plan for success and growth of their business.

When should you do this? You should do it in the beginning. Or you can wait until you become so frustrated that you want to quit.

Hopefully you’ll put all of these pieces in place when you start.


The first tool you need to prepare is your mind. This is where training comes in, if you are going to be a professional network marketer you might as well get training.

Setting up our tools and under standing this process can and will seem overwhelming at first.

Once you understand that this is a simple process, it will become easy to see the larger overall picture.

One of the most difficult tasks we have is just remembering who we’ve contacted, and what process of the sales stage they are in.

One of the things to keep in mind is to keep your process really simple. As we grow our business, the complexity of our process will also grow.

Ideally our tools or system will have 2 components one could be electronic and installed on our desktop.

The second should be portable, this could be a paper version “Day Planner” or electronic such as a “Palm or Laptop.”

What I’m going to show here is what I call the “Core 3.” In reality it is 4 essential tools. These tools and processes must be in place before we begin!

First We will look at setting up Outlook Express. There are essentially 17 Steps to set this up.

What is the benefit to setting up your email system on your computer? IT’s all about Organization, becoming more efficient with your time.

Second We will take a look at ACT the contact management program.