When You Know How it Works!


…Without goals in life where would we be? Each year millions of people make a new years pledge to change their lives for the better.

Yet, generally by February we are right back where we started with our goals long since forgotten.

With what clearly appears to be the worlds greatest depression occurring, will you create and stick to your goal of becoming successful?

I Am Looking For The Best Network Marketing Company Of 2018

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Hi, Glenn here I need your help today. I’m am looking for the best network marketing company to join in 2018.  I have taken a long and well-deserved vacation from network marketing. But, now I’m back and I’m looking for the best network marketing companies out there to join. This is not about me, trying to

Staying Focused On Your Business!

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Recently I had someone contact me to ask the question: "Can you really earn (fill-in your amount) per month in network marketing?"

Everyone finds a business that they believe suits them and meet's their goal for generating income. They let it run for a few months or more, they decide to get on the internet...

...It is promised to be the salvation for your business! In no time you'll be generating an endless supply of leads.

So when I received the question above which had a web address attached to it, I visited the blog and found basic SEO mistakes.

Your 2010 Network Marketing Resolutions

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Each year we set new goals for ourselves. We tell ourselves that this year will be the year that our network marketing business grows exponentially.

88 percent of Americans set New Year's resolutions each year. Yet, by January 2nd over half of those resolutions have already been abandoned.

Followed by another 10 percent by January 3rd.

By the time, we get to April over 90 percent have completely forgotten the resolutions they've set for the New Year!

Where Is Your Rescue Plan?

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This past year I essentially took the summer off from writing.

It was nice to get away from it, take a mental break, from dissecting all the garbage floating out there.

Unfortunately like most people I got wrapped up in all the political shenanigans. You would have thought the election cycle had stopped, yet the evidence suggests it is still in full swing.

Beginning in the fall of 2008, we’ve witnessed bailout after bailout, and different sources suggest we're far from finished.

Residual Income Everyone Is Chasing It

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We all talk about building our businesses for the residual income it offers, yet few if any achieve it. Network marketing is portrayed often as it's so easy anybody can do it. How easy has it been for you to generate the income your after?

With todays economy everyone is struggling, at least it surely seems that way. Yet, in many ways it could be more perception then anything else. If you’re told how bad something is, it does not take long for your mind to actually begin to believe it, therefore making it a reality.

Financial Goals – Why does it take so long?

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I was talking to a new member on my team and I asked this person to tell me their monthly income goal. They answered quickly - "$5,000 per month." Using an income calculation tool, I projected they would reach their goal (based on recruiting six people into their organization each month, which I felt was somewhat aggressive) in 18 months. They responded by saying, "Why so long?"

NWM Business Plan – Hope vs Reality

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Today I was thinking about what I should post regarding our network marketing community and the thought came to me that I should address one of the greatest challenges we face as marketers.

Have we formulated a plan that will build our businesses to accomplish our financial goals in a given period of time?

Unfortunately the answer to this question for the majority of marketers is NO - we have not.

What’s A Realistic Goal?

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Every day I am in contact with people looking for help in their network marketing businesses. Each person that I contact has been asked to fill out a questionnaire asking them:

1) What is their 90-day goal.

2) What is their monthly budget?

3) How much time do they have to invest in their business on a weekly basis?

4) What is their greatest challenge?

5) How much money do they expect to earn in the next 12 months.

Realistic Expectations Do You Have Them?

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How many of us joined a network marketing program expecting to earn 10,000 dollars a month within the first few months? Is it any wonder then that most people feel that it is some form of a scam.

Are these classic examples of unrealistic expectations:• I have no experience with network marketing, I want to sign-up 100 people within the next 90 days.•