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Leaders Club since 1994 has been training and equipping network marketers for greater success!

Many of the names you would recognize immediately have been trained by them, they have since gone on to write there own training material based upon what they learned.

Yet, the question you have to ask yourself is are they telling me everything I need to know?

I’m always amazed when someone who has been involved in network marketing for quite awhile ask this question about Leaders Club. This question has generally come up after they’ve spent time on their web site and seen the names of past members. Individuals whose names they see plastered all over the internet. People like Dillard, [...]

In some instances you’ll find yourself in need of gender based network marketing leads, female or male leads.

For many companies, gender specific leads are not as important for the success of their various products and services.

Yet, there are some products and services that only appeal to a certain demographic…

When it comes to finding the best network marketing training to ensure your success where do you begin? This is something I’ve written about quite often.

And, finding it is not always easy. Today everyone is branding themselves as a the best to the point that it is almost obnoxious.

Leaders Club for over 15 years is one of the most trusted resources out there for network marketing training, Leads, and now web hosting.

Many network marketers have utilized the training resources at Leaders Club to further their business.

With the addition of web hosting you now have as close to a perfect solution you can get. In 2003 when I came to Leaders Club looking for leads I found it surprising that they where, not only supplying leads but also teaching you how to generate your own leads.

On Friday February 6th, 2009 Leadersclub released there newest training material, designed to help network marketers achieve great success. Solving The 8 Greatest Challenges In Network Marketing no doubt will have an impact many individuals success in this industry.

And yes I’m actually in the videos, so don’t hold that against them :) Through my site here, I’ve heard from thousands that have experienced these same challenges over and over. This DVD really is timely if you ask me as it really brings to light why so many fail no matter how many systems they try.

When I first saw this I was convinced they had lost their mind, although it is a limited time offer. In fact I’ll probably get into hot water for writing about it, since it was only offered with a live clinic.

But really opening up your training library, and giving access as the same full access as a Leaders Club Training Only subscription, all for only 97¢ for a 7 day trial.

This is a question I’ve often wondered, well not really I know why they do! Why is it that they only want you to think of them as a network marketing leads company? What are they afraid you might discover?

Why is it their competitors teach you to go out and run pay-per-click advertising, all you need is our landing pages, and promote “my e-book” or “free-training.”

Collateral Marketing Unleashed!

This week July 24th 2008 Leadersclub released, it’s newest course to the market. I should clarify, this course is new to the general public, yet the material and training has been available to its members for years.

When I first started in network marketing, the company I was with had marketing material to assist me in promoting my business.

Just about every company out there today has some form of presentation either in the form of online video or offline video and brochures.

Leadersclub last week released another product in it’s powerful audio training series to the general network marketing public.

Once only available to members of this exclusive club! This audio follows on the heels of their course “How To Turn Cold Leads Into Hot Prospects.

Only proven, market tested information makes it through Leadersclub and into your hands. Unlike so many other products out there that have you do all the market testing with your budget!

Second Edition.
1 CD,  Retail Price: $34.95 ($US)

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