Low Cost Resources to Build Your
Network Marketing Business!


When it comes to resources to build your business, how do you know what is available to you, and at what cost? I’m sure that is why you’re reading this page!

One of the most important concerns you should have is staying within a budget. We can spend a fortune on some of the marketing tools and systems, yet in reality we don’t have too.

Today, having a personal web site where you can present your message is paramount to your network marketing success, yet it is not the most critical thing in guaranteeing your success.

Recent statistics have shown most that most people in network marketing, have found blogs, social marketing, to be very ineffective in achieving their desired results. Generally only those that have been doing this for at least 3 or more years achieving any measurable level of success.

So why are more people not achieving success? This goes back to our basic wants, we want it now and we want to see instant results! I’ve personally mentored many individuals on building effective websites, yet 99% fail because of this one overriding issue “The Lack of Patience.”

Does this mean that you should not do it? Of course not, but you need to do it with proper expectations. Trust me it’s not going to happen, building a presence online takes time to come to fruition.

Probably the most overlooked item is that, online your only going to reach a portion of your target market. With that said we really need to put this all into the proper perspective, by implementing multiple methods of reaching our target market.

Where should you begin in your search for Low cost network marketing resources?

First we need to break it down to your skill level! And you really must focus on one course until successful. Even if your generating your own network marketing leads, you’ll still need great skills to convert them to sales. I know this for fact, just ask me!

Below you’ll find just the start of the Basics: My goal here is to make every course being sold out there obsolete!

Beginner – Marketing Level:

When we take a look at what you as a beginner can hopefully accomplish, there are several factors we have to take into account.

Your computer knowledge: Basic skills are required, can you use a word processor?

Time: Can you commit at least one to two hours per week?

Desire: Will you have the patience to let things take their natural course.

The website tools I recommend for this level and their are a few. The first is the MyOrangeCD system.

Now the myorangeCd System is part of a leadersclub membership, so you get the best of both worlds training and a generic system designed to bring people into your business not prey on other network marketers like 99% of the other systems out there!

The Other option is to go it alone and build yourself a blog over at blogger.com. This is a good option many have done it yet the system is a little slow at times.

Intermediate – Marketing Level:

Your computer knowledge: Moderate skills are required, as you will be setting up databases?

Time: Can you commit at least 5 to 10 hours per week?

Desire: Don’t even start if your not serious about continuing with it for at least 4 to 5 years.

When it comes to the intermediate level, there are a multitude of options to get you started. You can start with a static website such as the one here at Network-Marketing-Works.com or you can build a blog site using WordPress or a few other open source software systems.

Static Site: For a static site you’ll need good reliable web hosting. Godaddy and Yahoo offer solid reliable hosting service that won’t break the bank.

You will need some basic web authoring software. One that is Free and works very well is called Nvu you can find it here NVU the software rivals front page and Dreamweaver. As you’ll find out there will be a learning curve in this process.

I would start with a good quality template, based on CSS, you can find many good sources templates just by doing a search.

Blog Site: here are there are a few options as well. WordPress offers free hosting for wordpress blogs over at wordpress.com. Then you can also download WordPress and upload it to your web hosting provider, setup your mysql database.

Advanced – Marketing Level:

Your computer knowledge: Strong skills are required, as you will be setting up databases, modifing code etc.. to fit your needs?

Time: Can you commit at least 10 to 15 hours per week?

Desire: Don’t even start if your not serious about continuing with it for at least 4 to 5 years.

When it comes to the advanced level of websites, the sky is the limit. Yet you can still do this on a low cost budget. One of the most important things to remember is that almost all of the top sites in any search engine do not use generic templates.

They generally use templates that have been modified to their needs, not the other way around. As we move into the advanced level you can begin to build a semi static site that has both elements static html pages, blog pages and/or forums.

Another Option: is to use a CMS system like Drupal or B2evolution both requiring an advanced skill level and another learning curve.

So What’s Important?

When it comes to building any business, you have to keep your attention focused on what will actually make your business grow. If your going to skip the part about learning how to prospect, learning how to connect with people then no one can really help you. This business is about Sales!

Stay tuned for our next update on Marketing On a Budget!