When You Know How it Works!


…Is one of your biggest obstacles to building your business today. It is without a doubt one of man-kinds greatest challenges to overcome.

Yet, once we identify it and what can be done to overcome it, we can beat it. Success does not come easy in any business venture we learn more from our mistakes than from or successes.

What will you do to stop procrastinating?

I Don’t Have Time To Learn All This Network Marketing S**T!

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... I only have two hours a day to work my business, so I need it to come fast!

When I read that statement this morning, I just about choked on my first cup of coffee...

... As my mind quickly flashed to all the things that I never had the time to learn.

Those little things that had helped me along the road to finding success within network marketing. You know those things like:

Create Your Own System For Success

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When it comes to generating your own leads, there are many systems out there. This is where the hypocrisy comes in; they tell you that the best way to generate leads online is with your own system.

In the next paragraph they tell you all about using their marketing material and system to generate your very own network marketing leads. This maybe ok for a while until you understand how to do it.

It Is Your Fault If You Fail At Network Marketing!

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I read a network marketing blog post earlier today that really was ironic. The title of the post was It's not your fault if you've failed at Network Marketing. Now why would someone be compelled to write this? From what I gathered, they are being taught this.

The truth is success or failure is all up to you. The sooner that you realize you are in control of your network marketing future the better off you'll be. Everyone seems to believe it is always someone else's or the companies fault that they are not succeeding in network marketing.

Sometimes Procrastination Gets in the Way!

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We all do it, have you ever started a project only to forget all about it. This past week I was looking back through all of my notes on projects that where completed and those that where never completed. I came across my blog project, you know some place to write about my ideas on