Why people Fail In Network –
Multilevel Marketing

This is one of the questions I’ve often asked myself about this industry. After all, everyone told me how easy it was, I was simply sharing not selling!

I used to believe the answer was “The Lack Of Education,” yet now the picture has become even clearer. Education without Action leads to failure!

Yet it’s not just action, that determines your network marketing success or failure. It is taking the right action!

Robert Kiyosaki summed it up correctly when he said that Network marketing is “The Business School for People who like helping people.”

In 1996 Leaders Club was the first company to come out and document the failure rate in network marketing. So it’s not like we don’t know it exists, yet so many are stuck on the same old treadmill.

97% Failure Rate In Network Marketing Documented

If we know this to be fact then why are so many still failing?

One of the reasons is, people do not take their business serious enough.

Is it really their fault, or is it our fault for not properly qualifying them for a network marketing business in the first place?

I have personally spoken with many individuals that really are looking for something that is free to join, requires no effort, and the money just rolls in.

Maybe they qualify for your business, but they surely don’t qualify for mine. If through our qualification they cannot fathom that any business will require a marketing budget and effort then I’ve only added to this failure rate.

Free Training Everyone Wants it.

Therein lies another problem that has led to this significant failure rate. The continuous search for the holy grail, a system that will do it for us, place everything on auto-pilot and get them chasing us!

Is free training, in network marketing really free? If it is, is it worth anything? Those are questions you really must ask yourself, if it worked why are 97 percent of network marketers still failing?

And still even some of the paid training is not worth it either. Have you ever bought a network marketing course that was nothing more than a long winded story to make you feel good?

They’re plenty of charlatans in this industry that will sell you the cure that you believe you need. How do they preface their offer? I’ve discovered a secret, that I’m willing to share with you for only XX.XX. After 6 years of never sponsoring anyone I found the secret that exploded my business, you selling my e-book and promoting me!

Some are outright ingenious, and they have big names social sites, now there is nothing wrong with social sites. Yet lets look at the underlying motive to create one. Get your members to create feature rich content for you, let them drive the traffic to it. Then they can their ads or someone else’s ads and they not you rake in all the profit.

The bottom-line is the only one who makes a killing with any system is the creator of that system. If you want the proof, follow those who advertise, how long do you see them around? Most only last a week to a few months, before quitting, if it was all you needed then?

The sad fact is a new one is created everyday and people buy them, still chasing the holy grail of network marketing success. Education is an important part of marketing, but this business is about people, not tools, not systems, unless you embrace that and learn how to interact with people you’ll continue on the path of why people fail in network marketing!

Can You Still Make It In Network Marketing?

Yes you can! The only tool – system you’ll ever need is you. There is a law of attraction, people are attracted to those that can most help them achieve what they truly want.

The final question you have to decide is, do you want to be in the 97 percent category or the 3 percent?

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